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About NCAL

About NCAL and Learning Connections:

National Center on Adult Literacy (NCAL)
National Center on Adult Literacy (NCAL), University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. For more than two decades, NCAL has engaged in cutting edge and high-impact research, innovation, and training in adult education and technology, as well as in other areas of adult basic education and literacy (e.g., assessment, numeracy, ESL instruction, family literacy, international comparative studies, and so forth). NCAL has played a significant role in R&D technology efforts in adult education at federal, state, and local levels across the United States. NCAL is regarded as an innovative center for research and development of major projects in adult literacy, with specializations in educational technology, professional development, and multimedia instructional design.

Learning Connections seeks to help learners identify and navigate the array of opportunities and service providers available to them, as well as to understand their own progress and achievements. By providing a flexible, context-sensitive tool to help learners identify pathways and potential outcomes, Learning Connections is designed to help learners aspire beyond basic skills, and make their own choices and understand the impact of those choices on career and educational aspirations and opportunities.This web-based platform is current focused on the Philadelphia region, but will in the future be accessible to all learners and will offer goal-setting and self-assessment tools to help learners identify immediate and mid-range skill-building needs, and will offer referrals to on-line and local service providers.

We would like to acknowledge the fiscal support for the development of Learning Connections from the Lumina Foundation for Education and the University of Pennsylvania, as well as previously from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education. We also appreciate the collegial and organizational support of partnering organizations, including the Center for Literacy (Philadelphia), Community College of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Youth Network and Penn's Educational Opportunity Center for their generous support in developing this project. Additionally, we would like to acknowledge the Philadelphia Business Journal, PYN/ Project U-Turn, the Internet System for Education and Employment Knowledge (www.iseek.org), and the Pennsylvania Department of Labor for their background material used on this site.






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